Why Is Bobby Portis Nickname Crazy Eyes? Bucks Power Forward Squidward Meme Explained


Bobby Portis is assumed for his nickname “Crazy Eyes,” which he earned from his followers as a consequence of his big eyes. He didn’t respect the meme when it was initially normal, nonetheless he grew to adore it.

A sequence of memes have been created specializing in Bobby Portis’s giant eye which resulted in his nickname, Crazy Eyes. 

At the present, the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks expert basketball participant embraces the adoration he receives from his moniker. He is at current inside the data after his enter inside the victory of the Milwaukee Bucks over the Celtics.

With 15 seconds remaining, Portis knocked once more a missed free throw by Giannis Antetokounmpo. Jrue Holiday silenced Marcus Smart on Boston’s final two possessions, and the Milwaukee Bucks defeated the Celtics to take a 3-2 sequence lead.

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Why Is Bobby Portis’s Nickname Crazy Eyes?

Bobby Portis’s nickname Crazy Eyes is a set of memes created in response to and mocking Milwaukee Bucks participant Bobby Portis’ giant eyes. It turned well-known after the workforce’s Game 6 victory inside the 2021 NBA Finals. 

Memes concerning Portis’ eyes and seems started spreading on Twitter sooner than the game. Many followers consider him to a particular image of Squidward from SpongeBob SquarePants with protruding eyes.

Game 6 of the NBA Finals, which featured a battle between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Phoenix Suns, was carried out on July twentieth. Portis of the Bucks was subjected to a sequence of uncertain calls in the midst of the game.

During the third quarter, Portis was known as for a questionable foul on Devin Booker, prompting him to answer with a shocked grimace that highlighted his bulging eyes.

ESPN shared the image on Twitter that day, and it obtained over 4,200 likes in solely 12 hours. This may very well be thought-about the origin of his Crazy Eyes memes. 

He, alternatively, was certainly not outraged by the meme; fairly, he embraced it and regarded his nickname to be basically essentially the most attention-grabbing.

Portis is adopting the nickname sooner than anybody else can, given the analogies made by notable classmates. Some of them embody former NFL receiver Plaxico Burress, former NBA star Darius Miles, and current Los Angeles Laker Roy Hibbert.

“This is Crazy Eyes Portis,” the athletic long-armed forward stated. “I’ll be bothering you out there.” I’ll do my best to play as onerous as I can,” he says with NBC sports activities.

“I’m simply utilizing the nickname that everybody else has given me,” Portis defined. “Everyone continually says my eyes are bugged and the whole lot.” That’s one thing I’m going to make use of. “I actually like that title.” 

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Bobby Portis Squidward Meme Gif Viral On Twitter

Bobby Portis was in comparison with Squidward in a number of memes that went fashionable on Twitter. People mocked his large eyes and even modified Squidward to have a beard like Portis, as proven beneath.

Portis didn’t identical to the jokes about his eyes at first. Who likes it when a bodily perform turns right into a joke? Certainly not his mother. Portis even tried to keep up the whole thing beneath administration.

But, at the present time, social media is inevitable, and Portis in the end opted to embrace the image of his wide-open “crazy” eyes. He even began to advertise t-shirts.

In an interview with the Daily News, Portis talked about, “It was harsh humor at first. But after a while, I took the jokes and turned them into something great, and people just got into it.”

“Crazy Eyes” Portis turned a phenomenon in Chicago all through his second season, and to a lesser extent in Washington last season. Now he’s with the Knicks and his most memorable effectivity with the workforce. 

A game-winning 3-pointer inside the waning seconds of a win over the Bulls in October turned a meme-worthy second due to the method his eyes fixed on the ball in mid-air.

Bobby Portis was not merely generally known as Squidward, nonetheless he was moreover thought-about a Spongebob character. Some be a part of him to Spongebob himself as a consequence of his big eyes, whereas others relate him to the fish in Spongebob.

Moreover, there was even a gif made out of Portis’s large eyes expression. You can see the gif here. As of now, he’s well-liked as a result of the Crazy Eyes Man. 

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