Who Is Mikhail Tikhonov Doctor? Nina Surgutskaya Transgender Case Of A Cannibal


Mikhail Tikhonov murdered Nina Surgutskaya in Kursk, jap Russia.

When a Russian doctor found she had had gender change surgical process, he confessed to murdering and dismembering her.

Mikhail Tikhonov educated the police that he cooked just a few of her physique components inside the oven and dumped her stays down the lavatory.

Who Is Mikhail Tikhonov Doctor? Wikipedia

The Russian authorities had registered Nina, who was beforehand an individual, as a girl. Mikhail Tikhonove killed Nina. If convicted of murder and mutilating the corpse, Tikhonov, a well being care supplier faces as a lot as 20 years in jail.

Tikhonov, after killing her decided to eliminate the physique, taking it to the bathroom the place he ‘reduce out her inner organs,’ chopping them into small objects and flushing them down the lavatory.

He then cut back off the girl’s meat, which he roasted inside the oven to ‘evaporate surplus fluids.” The man denied being a cannibal and claimed that the cooked human meat was flushed down the toilet. He doesn’t have a Wikipedia web page.

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Mikhail Tikhonov Committed Nina Surgutskaya Murder As A Transgender

Mikhail Tikhonov had spent the evening in Kursk with Nina Surgutskaya earlier than returning to her flat, he added. He found she was “transsexual” and had undergone surgical procedure whereas they have been having a bodily relationship.

He strangled her on her mattress after which dismembered her physique to hide the crime, he stated to police interrogators. After Nina went lacking and her mom notified the cops, Tikhonov was arrested and questioned.

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Mikhail Tikhonov Case Reaction On Reddit And Twitter 

Netizens began reacting to Mikhail Tikhonov’s case on Reddit and Twitter. It was unusual how Tikhonov selected to kill his companion. If ever he didn’t like his companion, he will need to have walked away.

According to the police report, he then positioned the head and limbs in a bag and transported them to his flat. He sawed off limbs and ribs with a rasp and tossed them into garbage cans. T this stage, cops arrived to take him into custody.

The skull was nonetheless related to the spine, which he had doused with salt “to get rid of the smell.” According to at the least one provide, “He had no time to get rid of the body parts since he was caught.”

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