Where Is Seth Techel Now? Lisa Techel Murder Case Update


Seth Techel is serving a life sentence with out the chance of parole after being convicted of the first-degree murder of his partner in July 2014. At the time of her lack of life, Lisa Techel was 4 months pregnant with their teenager.

Seth Techel, an Iowa native, was convicted accountable of first-degree murder in July 2014. He was found accountable of murdering his partner, Lisa Techel, with a shotgun on May 23, 2012.

He is serving the life sentence with out the chance of parole as of now. 

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Iowa: Where Is Seth Techel Now?

Seth Techel, now 30, was life sentence with out the chance of launch for the murder of Lisa Techel of their trailer near Agency, Iowa, in May 2012. 

He was convicted accountable of first-degree murder in July 2014. Lisa and Seth had solely been married for seven months when she was slain, and she or he was 4 months pregnant with their first teenager.

In Agency, a small hamlet in rural southeastern Iowa, the couple resided in a trailer. Techel was suspected of killing his partner to be with Rachel McFarland, a coworker with whom he had been searching for a romance for months.

Techel acknowledged in a panicked 911 title that an intruder entered his residence early that morning, murdered his sleeping partner, and escaped. That story, in response to prosecutors, was a fabrication.

Techel maintained his innocence whereas pointing to totally different potential suspects, along with a now-deceased mentally ailing neighbor with whom he had a long-running battle.

The first two trials resulted in hung juries, with jurors break up on whether or not or not he was accountable or not. At the third trial, Techel was found accountable of first-degree murder and nonconsensual termination of a human fetus.

A “Dateline NBC” episode was devoted to the case.

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Seth Techel And Lisa Techel Murder Case Update

Seth Techel murdered his partner, Lisa Techel, a county jail staffer and reserve sheriff’s deputy. Many people have been relieved when the third trial reached a conclusion after 4 hours of dialogue and convicted him accountable of the murder. 

Micah Sheehen, a juror in Techel’s first trial, expressed her delight with the accountable alternative. 

“I wept. There was a huge sense of relief “Sheehen, 42, of Agency, agreed. “Everyone is relieved that it’s over, that it’s ended, and that he’s been found guilty.”

After all 12 jurors agreed on the accountable convictions, Lisa Techel’s father, sheriff’s officer Todd Caldwell, wiped away tears.

Prosecutor Andrew Prosser knowledgeable jurors that the messages between Seth Techel and Rachel McFarland, who labored collectively at a job teaching facility in Ottumwa, “read like a countdown to Lisa Techel’s death.”

He talked about that Techel’s texts promising to go away his partner to be with McFarland the day sooner than the crime provided him with a compelling motive to murder his love.

Seth Techel Had An Affair With Co-worker Rachel McFarland

Seth Techel’s affair with coworker Rachel McFarland was a key ingredient in his conviction for his partner’s lack of life. Court Judge Richard Doyle acknowledged that failing to reveal the affair was doubtlessly exculpatory proof. 

The proof in direction of Techel was “circumstantial and amenable to conflicting views by cheap jurors,” in response to Doyle. But it was sufficient to point guilt previous an reasonably priced doubt.

Techel had warned McFarland that he would go away his partner on the day she was slain and was contained within the trailer when the taking footage occurred. And failed to assist Lisa no matter being educated to take motion, in response to Doyle.

When requested to jot down down all the weapons inside the trailer on the time, Techel didn’t embrace the shotgun that was used to shoot Lisa, in response to Doyle. The rifle was in the end discovered inside the property’s dense grass.

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