Where is Jeremy Scott Now? Did He Kill Michelle Schofield?


When Michelle Saum Schofield was found stabbed to dying in a canal in February 1987, no person could’ve ever anticipated the next investigations to take the course they did. That’s because of the 18-year-old’s husband, Leo Schofield was convicted of her murder, as explored on ’20/20: Last Seen In Lakeland,’ just for new proof to level one other individual is maybe liable for the heinous crime. So now, in case you wish to examine additional about this beforehand unconnected specific individual — felon Jeremy Lynn Scott — to really get into the heart of this confounding matter, we’ve acquired the details for you.

Where is Jeremy Scott Now?

With an intensive rap sheet ranging from when he was a mere teenager, Jeremy Lynn Scott is principally a lifelong authorized and thus behind bars for the time being for a completely unrelated offense. He was reportedly acquitted of a murder depend on the age of 15 (spherical 1984), solely to then commit arson, theft, armed theft, grand theft, and battery on an official inside the subsequent three years. However, one different 12 months later, on November 1, 1988, the Polk County, Florida, native went above all of it by killing his pal Donald Moorehead ostensibly over non-payment for a painting he’d completed.

According to courtroom data, Jeremy bashed Donald’s head with a grape juice bottle sooner than fatally strangling him with a phone wire alongside an accomplice inside the early hours of that fateful day. The duo even stole his car upon not discovering any cash inside his trailer dwelling, which is why he was convicted of first-degree murder along with armed theft; sentenced to a life time interval in 1989. Therefore, instantly, on the age of 53, the felon normally typically referred to as “Bam Bam” is serving out his acceptable penalty on the mixed-security Florida State Prison (AKA Raiford Prison) in Bradford County.

Did Jeremy Scott Kill Michelle Schofield?

It was in 2004 {{that a}} beforehand unidentified fingerprint recovered from Michelle Schofield’s abandoned car (in 1987) was matched to convicted killer Jeremy Scott, connecting him to the complete case. The authorities did subsequently question him because of not solely was he out of jail on the time of this specific crime, nonetheless he moreover lived two miles away from the place her physique was discovered. That’s when he admitted to being a car stereo/gear thief as a technique of explaining the reason behind his fingerprint, however he denied having a hand inside the homicide in any technique, kind, and type.

Although, points modified in 2016 as quickly as Michelle’s husband/convicted killer Leo Schofield’s lawyer acquired involved with Jeremy inside the hopes of finding out new particulars to land him a retrial. Jeremy allegedly confessed, merely to outrightly deny the similar all through a police interview in 2017 sooner than together with he would really readily take the autumn for any offense if he’s paid $1,000 in cash. He was interrogated as soon as extra, however it was on file this time, and the tape caught every little little bit of his admittance to the strategies he’d slain the 18-year-old with a looking knife on February 25, 1987.

As per Jeremy’s accounts, he’d seen Michelle talking on the phone at a gasoline station and requested for a visit, solely to casually give her directions to a secluded lake as quickly as she sincerely agreed. In the car, though, she began hitting him when his weapon fell out as he was reaching for his cigarettes, he talked about, inflicting him to simply lose his cool, notably as he was extreme on prescription tablets. “Next thing I know, I lost it,” he admitted. “I done stabbed her. I’m like panicking now because I don’t know what just happened.”

Leo’s case was thus taken to courtroom for a preliminary evidentiary listening to to ascertain whether or not or not he must be granted a retrial, the place Jeremy actually took to the stands and recanted his confession in October 2017. This new change along with just a few discrepancies in his narrative, led the courtroom to rule he lacked credibility, which suggests it can’t be believed that he killed Michelle

Where is Jeremy Scott Now? Did He Kill Michelle Schofield?.For More Article Visit PSIEV

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