Untangling Adam Levine Affair Allegations: Who is Sumner Stroh?


This week, an Instagram model named Sumner Stroh approached with claims that she had an unsanctioned romance with Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, “for about a year.”

Levine is hitched to Victoria’s Mystery model Behati Prinsloo, who’s presently pregnant with their third teenager. The two marry in July 2014 and notion about Prinsloo being pregnant was uncovered recently.

Stroh took to TikTok guaranteeing {{that a}} companion of hers tried to advertise show captures of her correspondence with Levine to a newspaper, so she chosen to methodology with the story herself. Stroh said she was “youthful and gullible” when she had the supposed illicit relationship with Levine and claims she feels “took advantage of.”

In the show captures she posted, Levine purportedly says, “It is genuinely stunning how f**king hot you resemble it knocks my socks off. …You are multiple times more smoking face to face as am I hahaha.”

She likewise ensures that he later returned into her DMs inquiring as as as to if he had a toddler youngster, inside the event that he could determine {the teenager} Sumner. “Alright, serious inquiry. I’m having another child and in the event that it’s [a] kid I truly want to name it Sumner. You alright with that? Absolutely serious,” Levine purportedly inquired.

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In a second TikTok video, Stroh tended to Levine’s relationship with Prinsloo and warranted that she was “sure, hopefully not by mistake, that their marriage was finished.”

“I’m not the person who’s getting injured here. It’s Behati and her youngsters, and for that I am in this way, so grieved,” Stroh said inside the clasp.

On Tuesday, Levine put out an announcement regarding the now-popular claims. “A great deal is being said about me at the present time and I need to dispel any confusion,” the vocalist started. “I involved misguided thinking in talking with anybody other than my better half in ANY sort of coy way. I didn’t take part in an extramarital entanglements, by the by, I went too far during a lamentable time of my life.”

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That’s what levine added “in specific examples it became improper.”

Anyway, who’s Sumner Stroh? The following are 5 points to recollect.

1) Model with Edge Office

Stroh is a marked model with Edge Office, a functionality the executives group positioned in Los Angeles. She likewise fills in as a digital leisure powerhouse, with 391,000 supporters on Instagram.

2) School foundation

As per Stroh’s Instagram bio and LinkedIn internet web page, the model went to the College of Texas at Austin and graduated in 2020.

3) Relationship with Levine

In his clarification Tuesday, Levine declares that he didn’t have an unsanctioned romance with Stroh however conceded to drawing in collectively along with her in a “coy way.” As far as concerns her, Stroh claims their concern endured “for about a year.” as a result of Page Six, Stroh assured her relationship with Levine was “physical, indeed, however I’m not uttering a word further.”

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4) Vocation

Notwithstanding her work as a model and stress to be reckoned with, Stroh likewise has an *followers internet web page. As per her LinkedIn, she likewise fills in as a showcasing director for her sister’s gems line, Hung By Stroh.

5) Reaction to Backfire

Following the arrival of her now-popular TikTok, Stroh took to Instagram to cope with the backfire she had gotten and face asserts that she is lying about her supposed endeavor with Levine.

“Mindful individuals will attempt to fill in the holes with numerous misleading presumptions. I don’t feel as I’m helping considering the way this needed to go about,” she said. “It’s a ton to process yet ideally, in any event, the reality of the situation being out can be super beneficial.”

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