Recalled Premier Protein lot numbers defined as Lyons Magnus pulls 53 merchandise from cabinets


Lyons Magnus has voluntarily recalled beverage merchandise over potential microbial contamination, in response to a corporation announcement.

The producer of Premier Protein shakes, barista espresso drinks and totally different producers made a voluntary recall on 53 dietary and beverage merchandise closing Friday.

Here are the merchandise which could be affected by the recall and the way in which to find the lot numbers.


Beverage merchandise recalled over potential contamination

On July twenty eighth, Lyons Magnus launched that it’s pulling 53 beverage drinks from cabinets over potential contamination with Cronobacter sakazakii, in response to a corporation assertion.

No sicknesses or complaints have been reported to this date, the company talked about, nevertheless they decided to recall the drinks as a consequence of a bunch of weak and immunocompromised people who is also further vulnerable to an an infection. 

An announcement on FDA’s website says: “Anyone who has a recalled product in his or her possession ought to eliminate it instantly or return it to the place of buy for a refund.

“Consumers in all time zones with questions may contact the Lyons Recall Support Center 24/7 at 1-800-627-0557, or visit its website at This recall is being conducted in cooperation with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.”

The agency talked about that the recalled drinks don’t embody merchandise supposed for infants (beneath the age of 1).  

Premier Protein lot numbers

FDA has included the whole guidelines of recalled merchandise on its website. You can uncover the lot codes for Premier Protein shakes:

  • Chocolate 12ct/330ml cartons – 2412/2142BT, 3412/2143BT, 4612/2164BT, 5612/2165BT, 66122166B
  • Vanilla 18ct/330ml cartons – 0012/2100BT, 1012/2101BT, 1212/2121BT, 1612/2161BT, 2012/2102BT, 2212/2122BT, 3012/2103BT, 4012/2104BT
  • Chocolate 18ct/330ml cartons – 9712/2179BT
  • Vanilla 12ct/330ml cartons – 0612/2160BT, 4902/2094BT, 9512/2159BT
  • Vanilla 4ct/330ml cartons – 4902/2094BT, 5902/2095BT, 6902/2096BT, 7902/2097BT, 8902/2098BT
  • Café Latte 4ct/330ml cartons – 3212/2123BT, 4212/2124BT, 5212/2125BT, 62122126BT, 7212/2127BT
  • Café Latte 18ct/330ml cartons – 8212/2128BT
  • Vanilla 15ct/330ml cartons – 5902/2095BT

Other producers which could be impacted by the recall embody Oatly, Stumptown, Glucerna, Intelligentsia, Aloha, and Kate Farms. The full guidelines of recalled drinks is likely to be found on FDA’s official website.

Premier Protein prospects can request a refund for his or her drinks by calling the company at 888-497-7646.

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(*53*) from Oatly

Oatly has responded on Twitter following concerns from prospects and talked about that the recall is simply related to merchandise packed by Lyons Magnus.

“This issue relates to a limited number of batches from our co-packer Lyons-Magnus and doesn’t impact any other Oatly products,” a Twitter submit from the company reads. “We of course take food safety very seriously and are taking the appropriate steps together with them.”

Oatly talked about that they’re snug to substantiate which merchandise have been recalled if prospects e mail them photos of one thing they’ve at [email protected]

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Recalled Premier Protein lot numbers defined as Lyons Magnus pulls 53 merchandise from cabinets.For More Article Visit PSIEV

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