Overlord Season 4 Episode 12 Recap and Ending, Explained


In the twelfth episode of (*4*) season 4 titled ‘Invasion of the Royal Capital,’ Aainz has a brief meeting alongside together with his loyal servants as he devises a plan to take down Riku Aganeia a.okay.a Tsaindorcus Vaision. Meanwhile, the state of affairs all through the partitions of the Royal Capital might be very tense as a result of the troopers of the Sorcerer Kingdom are about to invade. Instead of going for a large-scale assault, Aainz for some function merely sends Cocytus and Aura to the Royal Capital. Here’s each factor it’s advisable to know regarding the ending of (*4*) season 4 episode 12. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Overlord Season 4 Episode 12 Recap

After returning from the battleground, Pandora’s Actor report again to Aainz how he bowed in entrance of Riku Aganeia to stop the wrestle. Albedo feels uncomfortable, nevertheless Aainz argues that it doesn’t hassle him as long as the trick manages to get the enemies’ guard down. Although Pandora’s Actor explains each factor he’s conscious of, Aainz nonetheless feels that the time won’t be correct for them to instantly deal with Riku.

In actuality, he tells his males that it could be larger for them, in the long run, to easily settle for one different defeat with the intention to gather additional intel on Riku. He wishes to make it possible for when he lastly fights him, it’s a no-contest. Meanwhile, Princess Renner meets a couple of of his subjects throughout the Re-Estize Kingdom sooner than heading for a gathering with Blue Rose. However, points don’t unfold there as she had anticipated. While Lakyus appears to be her common self, totally different members of the group seem to have one factor on their minds.

When they lastly provide Lakyus some tea, she feels terribly uncomfortable merely seconds after taking a sip. Within only a few moments, the Blue Rose members activate their chief and start attacking her left and correct. They deal with to strong attraction magic on her sooner than teleporting alongside along with her to a singular location distant from the Royal City. Brain Unglaus meets Princess Renner shortly afterward and arms Lord Stronoff’s sword sooner than strolling out to wrestle Aainz’s army on their lonesome.

Overlord Season 4 Episode 12 Ending: How Do Aura and Cocytus (*12*) the Invasion of Re-Estize Kingdom’s Royal Capital? What Are Their Plans?

While the nobles and civilians left throughout the Royal Capital are concerned about their lives, the invasion begins as everyone had anticipated. Plenty of troopers guarding the city partitions are shocked to see Aura with only a few hungry monsters in tow approaching the city. Aura merely manages to leap over the city wall and begins observing the city with a map in his hand. Meanwhile, the troopers there are confused as he barely pays any consideration to them. When Aura’s monsters moreover climb the partitions, most of these troopers end up fainting.

Aura lastly manages to hunt out the magicians guild and decides to maneuver in that route. Meanwhile, Cocytus has moreover arrived throughout the Royal City alongside together with his group of Frost Virgins. He seems to be terribly attentive to any threat and as he walks the empty streets it freezes along with the shut by houses. It seems to be like as if Cocytus and Aura have merely been despatched by Aainz to have a look at the city for now as they barely current any intention of assault besides they’re pushed.

Is Brain Unglaus Dead?

Unlike totally different nobles and civilians who decided to run away from the Royal capital sooner than the dreaded invasion occurred, Brain Unglaus was certainly one of many few people who wanted to wrestle till his ultimate breath. Therefore, he walked straight to the Royal Capital’s as quickly as busy streets, which had been now deserted, throughout the look for Aainz’s males. He even contemplated hiding in certainly one of many empty homes and to lie in stay up for the ruler of the Sorcerer Kingdom, so that he can assault him instantly.

Brain shortly noticed that lots of the homes weren’t deserted as a complete lot of civilians couldn’t deal with to run away. This was a little bit of harmful info since Brain knew {{that a}} massacre was about to ensure and Aainz’s army of the undead will depart no one alive. Unfortunately, his fears appeared to grow to be a actuality earlier than he had anticipated as he seen Cocytus strolling in the direction of him with Frost Virgins.

But no matter realizing the hazard he was in, Brain did cowl or run away. He confronted Cocytus with none concern. Unfortunately, his enemy confirmed no indicators of nervousness the least bit and casually pulled out the God Slaying Emperor Blade. Although Brain used all his powers in his assault, the confrontation lasted merely only a few seconds and Cocytus managed to kill him with just one swing of his sword. After Brains’ dying, Cocytus ordered Frost Virgins to guard his corpse and casually continued on his mission to invade the Royal Capital.

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