Nasty Lana Rhoades’ child memes proceed as father stays a thriller


In January 2022, former grownup film star Lana Rhoades gave supply to a child, who has been the subject of nasty memes ever since her being pregnant announcement.

The 25-year-old launched that she was anticipating in 2021, sharing a {photograph} of the sonogram on Instagram – nevertheless she not at all revealed who the toddler’s father is.

She then revealed that she had given supply in January, posting a {photograph} of her self with the brand new child on her Story. Lana, who’s now a YouTuber, moreover revealed his title, Milo, and talked about “Mom life is the best life”.

She hasn’t shared any additional updates regarding the child since then, nevertheless Milo continues to be a viral net meme. Here’s why…

Lana Rhoades’ child daddy is a thriller

The child Milo memes all revolve spherical the reality that Lana not at all revealed who his father is.

When she posted her being pregnant announcement, the 25-year-old had currently reduce up from influencer Mike Majlak, who she dated for spherical a 12 months.

However, he revealed on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast that he’s not the daddy, saying: “Roughly a few months ago, me and the absolutely stunning, sweet, beautiful, great, pregnant [Lana] split up.”

“During that time, I started to see other people. She also started to see someone specifically. We remained friends, we continued talking. The result of her interactions with said new person resulted in a bun in the oven.”

She moreover revealed on her podcast 3 GIRLS 1 KITCHEN in June 2021 that she as quickly as went on a date with NBA star Kevin Durant – nevertheless that’s thus far as it went they often not at all formally dated.

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Nasty child Milo memes go viral

Lana is a well-known ex-adult film star who has been with a variety of completely totally different males, so the toddler memes see people nastily joking that anybody could very nicely be Milo’s father.

“Due to her past history of adult entertainment… a viral discussion about her pregnancy and baby resulted in many memes referencing her throughout 2021 and 2022,” Know Your Meme says.

For occasion, one meme is a {photograph} from the e book Where’s Wally? with the caption: “Lana Rhoades’s kid looking for his real father.”

Another says “Lana Rhoades kid when it’s career day at school” alongside a video of a particular person staring out of the window.

Memes about who the toddler’s father is unfold on Twitter all via her being pregnant and have gone far more viral since child Milo was born in January 2022.

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Lana addresses the viral memes

Speaking on a podcast in June 2021, Lana addressed the horrible memes that went viral following her being pregnant announcement.

“I don’t know if you have seen but people are making memes and TikTok’s saying two things,” the influencer talked about.

“One, that my child is going to be bullied in school and two they’re making TikTok’s about my delivery of my child and children going down water slides.”

“Those are majority of the comments on my Instagram and TikTok and Twitter, just saying stuff like that and also people are saying things like ‘I feel bad for the kid because mom did p***’,” she continued.

Then, she shut down the memes, saying: “I have one thing to say to that. I feel bad for you, you clearly had a terrible mom who raised a son who talks like that to women.”

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