Millie Bobby Brown as soon as stated she’s a ‘flat earther’ and the video is hilarious


2022 has been an unimaginable 12 months for 18-year-old Millie Bobby Brown who has moved on from child showing to some fantastic grownup roles.

Season 4 of Stranger Things dropped on Netflix ultimate month, whereby she performs character Eleven who’s now all grown up.

She might be reprising her operate as Enola Holmes inside the Sherlock Holmes sequel which is able to be launched in November.

However, many nonetheless remember the actress as a youthful star and films of Millie as a child proceed to flood social media.

Foe occasion, followers are obsessive about a hilarious video from years in the previous whereby she claimed she was a ‘flat earther’.

Millie Bobby Brown stated she was a ‘flat earther’

In a 2018 dwell stream, a fan requested the actress whether or not or not she thought the planet was flat, to which agreed and stated she was a flat earther.

A flat earther is any person who believes the world is flat fairly than sphere fashioned, which is what science says.

The Stranger Things star outlined that she had simply these days watched a Shane Dawson conspiracy precept video about that precise topic and stated: “There are so many facts that it’s flat.”

“I mean think about it, like think about it okay. Guys I don’t even know, I think I am a – what do they call it? Um. A flat – I think they call it a flat earther,” she stated.

The video is completely hilarious

The clip, which was filmed when Millie was merely 14 years earlier, is completely humorous and continues to go viral in 2022.

Her youthful voice, shaky digital digicam and impromptu automotive livestream are all laugh-worthy, nevertheless points get hilarious when she begins speaking.

First, the actress is completely concerned that the one which requested the flat earther question isn’t watching the livestream anymore.

Then, she’s going to be capable of’t remember who created the conspiracy video she watched and says Shane Dawson’s determine about a million events.

However, points get really hilarious when she has a ideas clear second and might’t remember the phrase “facts” and “flat,” so there’s a giant pause in the midst of the sentence.

The precise comedy gold second comes when she says she’s a flat earther nevertheless can’t pretty remember whether or not or not that’s the appropriate phrase.

Then, straight after making the revelation, she says “Anyway, yeah” and begins singing Drake’s In My Feelings on the excessive of her lungs.

Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Samsung

People are nonetheless obsessive about the clip

Despite being posted spherical 4 years in the previous, the video stays to be widespread on-line and of us often quote it.

One specific particular person wrote:

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Another stated:

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It’s made it into the hall of fame:

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Nothing will ever excessive it:

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People have even recreated the well-known clip:

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Sorry Millie, no person’s ever forgetting this one.

Millie Bobby Brown as soon as stated she’s a ‘flat earther’ and the video is hilarious.For More Article Visit PSIEV

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