Johnny Depp fans launch new merch for attorney Camille Vasquez post-Amber Heard trial


Following the favorable judgment in Johnny Depp’s defamation trial in early June, his lawyer Camille Vasquez turned a media sensation because of the lawsuit’s protection. Lots of stuff with Vasquez’s face and remarks has appeared on the web because of pro-Depp supporters’ intense affection for the attorney.

The craze over the merchandise has additionally risen on social media, as Camille Vasquez is scheduled to characterize Depp in one other authorized battle. As seen by the rankings they earn in listings on e-commerce platforms like Etsy, among the stuff has bought hundreds of items.

Fans have produced items devoted to the expert attorney, with quite a few gadgets encouraging the authorized eagle to run for President, along with applauding her on social media.

T-shirts, hoodies, magnets, and even candles bearing Vasquez’s identify and face can be found. “In a world full with Ambers, be a Camille,” some fans say, evaluating her to Depp’s ex-girlfriend.

Vasquez’s return to the courtroom for Depp is extremely awaited by her fans, particularly with the approaching trial of Gregg “Rocky” Brooks’ claims in opposition to Depp.

Johnny Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez’s merch went viral

Following the media frenzy round Camille Vasquez, clothes that includes the attorney and her catchphrases from the Amber Heard vs. Johnny Depp trial has gone viral. T-shirts, sweatshirts, stickers, candles, espresso mugs, and acrylic cups are just some of the gadgets accessible.

While a lot of the t-shirts say “Camille is my lawyer,” a number of say “Camille Vasquez for President.” During the trial, different topwear included the attorney’s common remark from the cross-examination of Amber Heard.

The strangest however most uncommon merchandise depicting the 37-year-old lawyer on Etsy was an unscented candle, which had already bought over 600 items on the time of publication.

Vasquez was alluded to and portrayed as a real ‘Saint’ within the merchandise, which presupposed to be a “Celebrity Prayer Devotional Parody Candle” from a service provider named Texrah. The candle, which retails for $14.95, is virtually bought out and has obtained an ideal 5-star ranking from consumers.

Camille Vasquez
The merch (Image by way of PinupParrot/Etsy, and Texrah/Etsy)

Johnny Depp fans launch new merch for attorney Camille Vasquez post-Amber Heard trial.For More Article Visit PSIEV

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