Jeong Joong Ji sickness: What illness did Jeong Joong Ji have?


Even sooner than he confirmed up, he was well-known for fabricating “lover photographs” for his social media posts. Jeong Joong Ji is widespread on the net web site and was beforehand thought of a cyber film star.
Jeong showcased his singing and dancing abilities all via the opponents, however he was regretfully eradicated in episode 5 with a final score of #64.

Jeong Joong Ji carried out his first fan meetup in 2018 and was moreover the recipient of the “Hanbit Award” actor class supplied by the Hallyu Selection Organizing Committee. Prison and “The Essence of Love” had been two of his notable showing performances.

Jeong Joong Ji illness: What illness did Jeong Joong Ji have?

The lack of lifetime of Jung Joong Ji was launched on Twitter by his mother on September 20. Although Jung’s mother confirmed that her son devoted himself, no rationalization for his extreme various was supplied.

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Jung Joong Ji went away on September 9, merely 4 days after turning 30 years earlier, consistent with the deceased’s mother. On the eleventh at 9 a.m. KST, the funeral was strictly adhered to.

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