Is Joseph Arthur Bradehoft Still Alive Or Dead?


Victim of the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. Bradehoft was the seventeenth and remaining sufferer of Dahmer. Bradehoft, a father of three children from Minnesota, was murdered in Milwaukee whereas looking for employment.

He was left on Dahmer’s mattress for two days after his murder sooner than being beheaded on July 21. His head was positioned inside the fridge, whereas his physique was positioned inside the 55-gallon drum.

Jeffrey Dahmer

Dahmer confirmed an curiosity in ineffective animals at a youthful age. When he was 4 years earlier, he might have seen his father eradicating animal bones from the inspiration of the family residence, which may have sparked his fascination with ineffective animals.

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Lionel claimed that Dahmer turned preoccupied with animal bones, which he initially often called his “fiddlesticks,” and was “oddly thrilled” by the sound the bones made. He typically appeared beneath and spherical the house for further bones, and he appeared contained within the our our bodies of animals to hunt out the place their bones have been.

Is Joseph Arthur Bradehoft Still Alive Or Dead?

Joseph Arthur Bradehoft died on July 19, 1991, on the age of 25 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

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Is Joseph Arthur Bradehoft Still Alive Or Dead?.For More Article Visit PSIEV

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