Imo Police Arrest Two Suspected Armed Robbers For Impersonation


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According to an article shared on The Guardian, Imo State Police Command havearrested two people from an armed theft gang, who dressed like cops Inorder to rob and abduct people.

The suspects have been actually three by names, Goodness Chinaza, Emeka Orji and Julius Chigozie. Julius escaped all through the operation to arrest them at their house.

The spokesperson of Imo State Police Command, Micheal Abbatam acknowledged that objects have been recovered from the arrested suspects, and this stuff embody police uniforms, bullet proof vests,, a double barrel shotgun and a Jack knife.

Abbatam moreover reported that the suspects typically bundle themselves up in stolen police uniforms then they perform the accountability of cops by blocking roads. Then, they’d faux to look motorists’s vehicles and ultimately, they rob them of their valuables.

On July twentieth, any individual known as the police command after he seen the three fake officers who robbed him of his grey-coloured Lexus 330 Jeep on the 18th of July. On that fateful hour that the caller was robbed, he was at gunpoint and wanted to obey all instructions from the officers along with coming into into his vehicle’s boothe. At that point, they took him to a lonely place the place he was robbed of all his cash worthy points. They moreover used his cellular phone to change a sum of hundred thousand naira from his checking account to theirs.


Immediately the police acquired the distress title, they shortly went to the scene and arrested Goodness Chinaza. After a worthwhile interrogation, Goodness opened up that he’s a member of an armed theft gang and he was among the many many people who robbed the sufferer.

On the instruction of the policemen, Goodness led them to arrest Emeka Orji who moreover lived with him along with Julius Chigozie at AladinmaOwerri in Imo State. Lucky for Julius, he escaped.

According to the information gathered by the police, the suspects acquired their uniforms and completely different objects they use for his or her operation after robbing a police officer. Their methodology of operation is that they wave down people in flashy autos who would obey them contemplating that they’re actual officers. They would then ask for his or her driver’s license. As the potential victims try to provide them the driving pressure’s license, they’d energy them into the boothe, after which take them to a lonely place the place they’ll rob them of their valuables. In extreme cases, they’d kidnap the victims and ask for ransom sooner than they’ll set them free.

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