Alexis Haines Looks Back on ‘Bling Ring’ Crime Spree Ahead of Revealing New Docuseries


It’s been over 10 years since a gathering of youthful robbers known as the Bling Ring designated superstars’ properties in a growth of high-profile violations that captivated the nation. Presently, one different Netflix docuseries is peering inside the true story of the wrongdoings, and one of many individuals, Alexis Haines, is getting extreme about her contribution throughout the sequence and glancing once more on the scandalous wrongdoing binge.

Haines – – who acquired shame whereas going by the ultimate establish Neiers and argued no drawback to first diploma theft in 2010 and served one moth of a six-month sentence – – as of late plunked down with ET’s Denny Directo, and contemplated why she partook throughout the new sequence, The Genuine Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist.

“I believe it’s simply a demonstration of recuperation. I positively was not prepared a long time back to have this discussion. I wasn’t competent in those days of truly being straightforward with myself and about my excursion,” Haines shared. “So whenever I was introduced this open door north of 10 years after the fact, I felt like this was all there was to it, that it was the time.”

Haines was thought of one of seven folks from the notorious wrongdoing ring, who designated well-known people in Hollywood and Calabasas, and took higher than $3 million in precise money and specific individual outcomes all by the span of a 12 months and plenty of break-ins. Haines, nevertheless, retains up with that she was merely at any stage associated to 1 of many robberies on the dwelling of Orlando Sprout.

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Regardless of this, it was Haines who was painted as one of many primary instigators of the binge. In the 2013 wrongdoing dramedy The Bling Ring, Emma Watson depicted the fictionalized character in view of Haines, and plenty of appeared to paint her as the aim of convergence of the gathering.

“I was never accused of some other houses, yet I turned into its substance?” Haines talked about, talking her dissatisfaction with the model whereby her contribution has been depicted throughout the press. She credit score “sexism [and] sexism” for why the media has set such an superior deal the wrongdoing binge on her shoulders.

“Truly, I don’t think the narrative of the Bling Ring would have endured in excess of a hot moment in the consistent pattern of media reporting had it not been about a youthful, you know, traditionally lovely young lady who had her own Television program on E!,” Haines expressed, alluding to her cooperation throughout the unscripted TV drama Pretty Wild, which she was capturing on the hour of her seize and ensuing preliminary.

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“This outrage occurred and afterward an article was composed and afterward at last a book and afterward ultimately a film, and presently we are right here, after 11 years, doing a docuseries about it for Netflix,” Haines talked about. “I don’t know why this embarrassment has endured as long as it has.”

As per Haines, she has “never seen the film” in view of the wrongdoing binge, and feels no fictitious retelling could genuinely convey the true story.

“The tale of the Bling Ring is quite a lot more nuanced and complex than how its depicted in the book or in the film, and that is the reason I’m so energized for the docuseries,” she shared. “Since it truly discusses the intricacies that were going on that were missed.”

Haines conceded that it was a “an extremely, dim time in my life,” when she was sentenced, and reviewed how she was collaborating extreme conduct – – which was likewise one rationalization she took a request low cost when it was marketed.

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“I was an all out heroin fiend. It was absolutely impossible that that I planned to stand preliminary,” Haines talked about, together with that the supplication low cost and ensuing jail time “was the best thing that consistently happened to me.”

“I’m so happy I took a supplication bargain thus happy I went to prison. I don’t figure I would be alive today had I not gotten that sentence lastly gotten level-headed,” she shared. “I sincerely don’t figure I would be alive.”

Her private recuperation, and endeavors to remake her life, is one rationalization she’s anticipating seeing how the narrative could have the selection to spur and assist the people who with watching it.

“I simply trust that individuals feel roused to mend, assuming that is what they need. I consider millions Americans are enduring with emotional well-being and dependence issues and I think many feel stuck. I think many feel embarrassed and frightened and I simply trust that individuals can see and hear my story and feel roused to make that move to improve. Since they merit it,” Haines shared. “You’re meriting and deserving of mending, regardless of what decisions you’ve made in your life.”

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